Ordering Information

What We Need To Know:

  • Type of Cinch: Roper (double layer that flares to a single layer), Straight (single layer), English, Cutter (straight double layer)

  • Length of Cinch: Please measure end of buckle to end of buckle on your current cinch. Our cinches will "give" to the length you need- ex. If you order a 32" cinch, it will come off our frame a little shorter than that, but will "give" to 32" when you cinch it up

  • Hardware Type: Brass or Stainless Steel

  • Desired Body and Detail Colors: Ask for current inventory, we may need to place an order if we don't have a particular color in stock

  • Desired pattern/cinch designWe are happy to redo a design we have done already, or work with you to create a new and unique piece!​

If you would like to match a blanket, add a brand, etc, please contact us for a quote. More examples of our work can be found on our Facebook Page, Big Sky Mohair Cinches. 

When you are ready to order, please message us through Facebook, email us, or give a call to get your order on our books. We generally run 4-6 weeks out. Prices do not include shipping.

Please look at our shipping and return policy section for more information.

To check the status of where your order is in our queue, please see our calendar link below:


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