Priced at .44/foot. These custom 8 Ply twists match the solid colors offered by U-Braid-It. For footage of matching solid 2 and 8 ply, please purchase from their site! See below for list of coordinating colors for each twist. 



***Footage is available in 50' increments for each twist, and will be cut in one piece reflecting the number of increments you'd like. Example: If you'd like 150' total of a color, please choose a quantity of "three" 50' from the drop down menu. You will get one 150' piece, it will not be three separate 50' pieces. We currently have it set up this way so the inventory on the website can be accurate at all times to reflect what we have in stock.***


Brick: Merlot/Dark Brown/Sandstone

Purple Paintbrush: Wild Aster/Mariposa/Purple Reiner/Black

Spring Creek: Dark Brown/Sandstone/Abiquiu Blue

Silver Dollar: Light Grey/Dark Grey/Black/Turquoise

Pistol Pete: Sorrel/Sandstone/Black

JuneBug: Sorrel/Dark Brown/Turquoise

Big Sky Mohair 8 Ply Collection


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