Mohair comes from the Angora Goat; a highly sought-after fiber, it is the choice of many riders across all disciplines. Oftentimes, large companies blend mohair with wool (because of the high cost of 100% mohair cord compared to a wool blended cord). At Big Sky Mohair Cinches, we only use 100% Mohair on our cinches.



  • Highly breathable (when heat and sweat can be wicked away from the horse's skin, this reduces the likelihood that a horse will get sores)

  • Slightly elastic- will "give" slightly while in use, which allows the horse to expand through the rib cage, and use his lungs properly.

  • Will return to original length, and will not stretch out over time. Because it is hair, it will always return back to it's original length after use. This is unlike a blended fiber cinch, which can stretch out over time!

  • Hypoallergenic properties- even sensitive horses do great with 100% mohair!


  • Oftentimes, people group store bought "cord" cinches in with Mohair; how cotton, Rayon, and wool function as cinch material should not be confused with one that is 100% Mohair! Chances are, if the cost brand new is less than $75, you could be getting a blended fiber, and not the real deal.

For additional information on how to properly measure/fit your cinch, please click the link below to read our collaborative article written by Cavvy Savvy!